Quick Home Remedy for Cough

home remedy for cough

Having coughs can surely be such a nuisance, especially when it is coupled with colds and even high fever. Common during the cold seasons, coughs are experienced at least three times a year. In kids, coughs can also bring about ear infection as their fragile lungs are unable to flush out mucus and therefore leads to excessive phlegm. But one need not suffer – there is a lot of home remedy for cough that one can easily make.


What most people do when they have coughs is go to a doctor, who in turn will recommend an over-the-counter drug. Though most medicines are effective and generally safe, some may contain chemical ingredients that bring about side effects and even complications. Home remedies, on the other hand, may sometimes take longer to alleviate cough but they are a 100% natural and safe. There are many types of home remedy for cough and each one is very easy to make.


Home Remedy for Cough

The oldest but least used home remedy for cough is hot milk and honey. To make, just make warm milk and use honey as your sweetener. This remedy relieves the throat and is best taken slowly before going to bed.


Another home remedy for cough is mixing hot tea with lemon and honey. Tea with lemon has always been recognized as great relief for sore throat and is now also used by many to soothe their throats when coughing excessively. Honey is being thrown into the mix to serve as coating for the scratchy throat.


Cinnamon with lime contains a great deal of vitamin C that is generally accepted as not just a cure for coughs but also in boosting and strengthening the immune system. Lime, in combination with cinnamon, is a great home remedy for cough as it cuts downs on excessive phlegm.


Mixing apple cider vinegar with water is also a good – and even inexpensive – cure for coughs. Apple cider vinegar is generally known to decrease throat and upper respiratory tract inflammation and has thus become a favorite home remedy for cough.


If you have a humidifier at home, another thing that you can easily do is turn up the humidity. It is a known fact that dry cough is usually due to dry air and turning up the humidifier easily takes out this factor. Doing also will also counteract any infections that may occur on respiratory tract. If you don’t have a humidifier, another good home remedy for cough is taking a warm bath. Throat passages can be hydrated by the steam from warm baths.


Home Remedy for Cough on a Budget

The easiest and cheapest home remedy for cough is still plenty of water intake. Readily available at home, water easily relieves the throat when coughing. It is also the best type of prevention: drinking plenty of water ensures that you stay away from coughs and colds.


Coughs may really be too much of a hassle for working adults and even young kids but knowing these home remedy for cough will help you speed up the healing process. And they are also every cheap and, more importantly, safe.

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